Solar Power

In May 2022 The Club was advised that our application for a grant under the EAST GIPPSLAND SHIRE COMMUNITY PROJECTS ROUND 2 GRANTS 2021/2022 was successful. We had applied for funding for a complete upgrade of our Solar Power generation at the Mitta Lodge.

The power output of the old system was insufficient to substantially reduce the use of a petrol powered generator. We estimate that the upgrade will provide more than double the current output and cut the generator use by up to 75%. This application was made in consideration of the environment in providing an alternative low carbon power source and it will totally eliminate the use of the generator in daylight hours and minimise the running of the generator at night. The doubling and upgrade of the Solar Panels and different placement will provide more generation to charge the 2 new 120AMP Lithium batteries.

The new Solar system will provide all power required to pump water to enable cooking & dishwashing, showering and flushing of toilet, during the day and through the night after the generator is shut off for the operation of appliances, importantly Sleep Apnea (CPAP) machines which up to now has not been possible without having to run the petrol powered generator. Due to a delay in the supply of materials the project was not completed until April 21, 2023, however even at this early stage it is showing promise of meeting our expectations.

The Club's contribution to the project including in kind labour was approximately 50%, however the Shire's contribution enabled us to embark on a project which would have been out of reach without the grant.


The Club acknowledges Sport and Recreation Victoria through the COUNTRY ACTION GRANT SCHEME for the funding to originally set up this website in 2013. In 2024 with the assistance through the Victorian Government STRONGER FISHING CLUBS GRANT SCHEME the Club was provided with funds to completely update the site with the latest software and security systems.

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