New Lodge Construction

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Peter Davies (L) and Ingomar Matthes Landing the Frame 12.2.05

Mick Rosenboom, John Murray, Trevor Stow, Phil Nielsen, Peter Abell & Peter Davies laying underfloor

Smoko early days

Peter Abell, Don Burrows & Phil Nielsen cutting frames

Adrian Bond, Mick, John Murray & Peter Davies laying Decking 5.3.05

Decking to 9.3.05

Mick, Phone a Friend First Frame up 19.3.05

Syd Davies, ?, Peter Davies & Bill Fisher (R) Painting Trusses

Ingomar Matthes assisted by Trevor Stow & Peter Abell adjusting a beam

Roof frame finished

Damien Daniel fixing the roof, Trevor and  Mick look on

Insulation on 6.08.05

Mick R fixing wall cladding 22.10.05

Inside shed 5.11.05

Lock up stage 26.11.05

Bunk room lined  - Ingomar Mattes, Phil Nielson and Adrian Bond 6.05.06

Mick R and Adrian lining 17.06.06

Painting nearly done 18.07.06

Painting nearly finished 20.09.06

John Pownall, Mick R. Trevor Gordon, Bob McMillan, Peter Usher & Robin Widdowson Digging Footings 5.8.06

Peter Usher, T Gordon, Mick & Robin dig footings 5.8.06

Ingomar M and Peter U footing pads poor 7.08.06

Kitchen 4.09.06

Phil Nielsen, Mick Rosenboom, Ingomar Matthes, Robin Widdowson & Tag Gordon enjoy drink 25.11.06

Crane up 22.3.07

On the road 22.3.07

Negotiating Livvy Ridge

Second half moving in

Lodge sitting pretty 1.04.07

Lodge 9.09.07


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