River Rehab Project (Stage 2)

Following on from the successful completion of Stage 1 of the Cobungra River rehab project carried out from 2003 to 2006 the Club sought and was granted funds to complete the other 1/2 of the 1 Kilometre section down from the Innisfail bridge.

On December 14, 2010 a group of members met at Stow’s Newsagency at 8.00am to travel to Omeo to commence the first part of the fish habitat improvement on the Cobungra at Allan & Noelene Smiths property “Innisfail”.

Trevor Stow, Geoff Johnston, new member Jim Comber, President Adrian Bond, Rex Estoppey, Pat Washington and Ron Healey complete with axes, drills and Round-up arrived about 10.00am had a chat with Allan Smith to get instructions on those trees he did not want removed and then down to the river.

It was hard work, at least a dozen Willows were poisoned and many of these had multiple trunks.

Ron Healey found some deeper water than expected with leakage over his waist high waders, fortunately the branch he grabbed held his weight and prevented the drowning of his camera. Allan Smith joined us for BBQ lunch and some refreshments at about 1.00pm. The river condition was good with some nice fish evident. President Adrian attempted to pick up a couple of rising fish during lunch break, but to his embarrassment and cheers of the watching crowd put both of them down. The last couple of trees were completed and we left about 2.30pm.

We now wait until Autumn to see if our work has been successful and if so the contractor goes in to pull the trees out.

The native trees we put in on our last project 2006 are looking good and both the trees and the fencing show no signs of damage from the recent floods.

Cobungra River valley

Washo completes one tree. Debris above his head indicates flood level in September.

Tree finished

Johnno, Rex & Stowie

Adrian and Jim

Plantings from last project

Cobungra Fish Habitat Project

After the successful poisoning of the willows in December 2010, the contractor was able to carry out the removal and he was met by 8 members of the Club in October, 2011 on site at Innisfail, before lunch Round-up was applied to the stumps remaining on the South side of the river. A couple of the trees had been removed completely as they were dead. We then sprayed the south bank from the gate at the rear of the machinery sheds eastwards to the extent of the fenced area to prepare for planting of new native trees.

After lunch we then attacked the north bank treating the stumps, and again spraying to provide spots for the planting of the new trees, from the fence cut back at the bottom of the hill west to opposite the sheep yards. The contractor was stacking and burning trees.

In November 2011, planting of Native trees & grasses together with fencing repair work was carried out to complete this project. Despite a couple of floods our work has survived and the trees are becoming established.


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